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Think About It

from Identity by madcrasher

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A brief critique of the modern Church in America. Feel free to replace "social tolerance" with "lack of tolerance"; they both irk me.


Everyone has problems, it's a fact of life
That this world's rife with things that aren't
Pleasant to deal with, and it's hard to admit
Even we as Christians have to deal with it
Some of us have problems others don't have
That's why we help each other on the narrow path
But we tend, even with intentions that are good
To not tell people what we should. Instead
We point them to the hoops that we jump through
"It doesn't work for me, maybe it'll work for you."
Or worse, we deny the problem outright
In the vain hope that it'll disappear overnight
But most importantly, put a clean face on
And show the world nothing bad is going on
But that'll only last until they find out the lies
And we all see through your disguise

Has it ever dawned on us that maybe this game
Is turing off the people that we're trying to save?
Our lack of honesty, yes, that's what it is
Makes us as appealing as soda without fizz
Paul says, boast of your weaknesses
Because through them God shows more of who He is
Like the bumper sticker says,
"Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven!"
And that's how we should be living
'Cause Jesus didn't come for the perfect and the right
But for people who, spiritually, have no sight
And He's making us perfect little by little
We're not at the end, we're somewhere in the middle
We don't have to, we can't be, so don't even try
To be perfect at any point before we die
If we can be honest about that, it might show
God's love in ways we can never know

Wheelin' and dealin's got your shorts in a wad
We seem to have forgotten that we can't be God
I don't know what the future holds, I say
Let's sit back and watch it unfold
We're letting the world dictate who we should be
But perceptions for us don't make reality
I don't know what the future holds, I say
Let's sit back and watch it unfold

Gain the whole world, and lose your soul
If I didn't know better I'd say that's your goal
With the issues you bring, and the sides that you take
Forgive me if I say you're starting to sound fake
As you preach your empty social gospel
What's hot always gets the room full
But popular positions don't always align with
What the scriptures define. See
A compromise here, a little shift there,
Soon you can't find God anywhere
As you're critically acclaimed for your social tolerance
Proclaiming to us all that it all makes sense
If you read the word this way,
Suddenly what's wrong becomes okay,
But when your sandy foundation crumbles down
Will all those politicians still be around?
(I don't think so.)

I'm nitpicking out of genuine fear
That our American church is beginning to veer
Away from the truth that we once professed
Trading it for relevance that's fleeting at best
We latch on to issues that don't really apply
Give them bread and wine then force-feed them pie
Driving off our children with issues we make
Then claim that it's their mistake? Tell me
Will we go to the lions for Christ?
Will we risk life and limb for his sacrifice?
Or do we sit tight in our SUVs proudly proclaiming
"It's all about me!"
I'm not singling out, not trying to hide
But if we truly are Christ's bride
Should we not then be concerned whether if we sit
With saints or with mockers? Think about it.


from Identity, released January 9, 2009
Written by Evan Hildreth, Joseph Dowsley, and Matt Murphy. Produced by Evan Hildreth, Jesse Hildreth, and Kalen Stanton. Guitar riff performed by Joseph Dowsley.




madcrasher Greenville, South Carolina

There is no bio. A bio implies there is, in fact, a story to be told and that this is not, in fact, just some guy messing around on his computer.

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