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The Way I Am

from Identity by madcrasher

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My first song, but the 4th rewrite of it. The first was ok, the second and third got progressively worse. This recording, though, I am quite happy with.


The way I am
And how it relates to the times
Sorta like poetry except it has to rhyme
But the pencil meets the paper and the words don't flow
My study hall is over, look out, it's time to go!
Can't write about the ghetto 'cause the streets I don't know
Can't write about the blingin' 'cause my money doesn't flow
Can't write about adversity 'cause Father's done me well
So I'm left with the beauty, no hard stuff to tell
It seems like the good stuff is all that's in my life
'Cause I got no major problems, I got no major strife
Except for the time when some jerk comes around and
Just 'cause of my religion starts putting me down
But that's alright man, it's chill, I've learned to deal
With the stuff that doesn't matter, can't affect how I feel
Can't throw it all away, 'cause it's all a part of me
So that's why I ask, 'Let me just be

The way I am, not apologizing, hiding, or disguising,
Trying to find a way to explain the things I'm finding in life.

Am I honestly insane or do I only try to be?
Do I make up issues just to boost my eccentricity?
Is this really who I am or do I just act this way?
But then I can't act out the stuff that I'm trying to say
Can't be like everybody, can't go against the flow,
So I just have to do the only thing I know:
Be myself! And do my best to see
Just how God created me to be the way I am

Take a breather and give me time to figure out
Just what the whole point in this life is all about
It's a process to complicated to explain, you know?
If all the world's a stage, our lives make up a show
For the one that gives us strength enough to live another day
Gives me the words to know exactly what I'm going to say
Life is a lesson that's kinda hard to know
But you'll be given what you need until it's your time to go

My poetry's on the floor covered in grime
And the Birdman's on me 'cause I'm running out of time
Perhaps I should just wrap it up, say goodbye,
But cut me some slack, people, it's--my fourth try?
I'm just a writer trying hard to make a living
With the concrete abstractions my pencil's been spinning
Take it at face value, or dig a little deeper,
But it's up to you to decide if this song is a keeper.
If all this has been done for me all of it's going to pass
'Cause you know only what done in this life for Christ will last
This song's been pretty shallow, this song don't weigh a ton
So take out your earplugs 'cause MC's song is done.


from Identity, released January 9, 2009
Written by Evan Hildreth. Produced by Evan Hildreth, Jesse Hildreth, and Kalen Stanton.




madcrasher Greenville, South Carolina

There is no bio. A bio implies there is, in fact, a story to be told and that this is not, in fact, just some guy messing around on his computer.

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