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Tell It Slant

from Identity by madcrasher

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The title comes from an Emily Dickenson poem. She was talking about taking the edge off a criticism, but I've twisted it into a rant about pessimism.


So it begins
Broken up, broken down
Humanity cries to a dissonant sound
As we run around in our miserable lives
Our dreams all tainted by cloudy skies
Hopes are dashed on the rocks of reality
Point the finger, three point back at me
No stone to throw, no axe to grind
While the situation's there in the back of our minds
'Cause this world's corrupted, this world's impure
And if we're bad, how can we hope to find the cure
Condemned to suffer for the rest of our days
Wondering forever in an endless maze
Rotten, tainted, black to the bone
Is it our fault we have so many problems at home?
Troubles with the world are the talk of the nation
But what're you going to do to help the situation?

Tell the truth but tell it slant
Your only slant is that you won't
Let yourself believe...

What if I told you that there was a way back
To the way things used to be before it all cracked
Regain what we lost when our wings fell away
Replace the innocence lost on that day
But you don't believe me, can't believe me
Thinking about it, no, you'd much rather be
In your dark hole alone with your mournful sound
Ignoring all the goodness going on around
There is pain, yes, but there is life as well
There are sad yet hopeful stories to tell
But you tell the truth from where you see it
Leaving out the light as much as you see fit
Corrupt situations impossible to fix
Innocent men don't deserve forty licks
Giving the problem without the solution
Plot and climax but no resolution

Do you understand when I say the door is open
You can be free from all the paint that makes you broken
Move past the hurt, put an end to the crying
Leave the darkness that's left you dying
The hand that waits to help you is left for empty
The faith that could protect you is cracked and dirty
I tried to brush it off, but you pushed me away
Don't look now, I'll be back another day
Don't worry about me, I can make it alright
As for you, why don't you just go home tonight
And think about the life that you've chosen to lead
The things that you've lost that you can't concede
Weep for the innocence gone down the drain
Cry for yesterday and wallow in shame
Yell and scream, and when you're through storming
Take two prozac and call me in the morning


from Identity, released January 9, 2009
Written by Evan Hildreth. Produced by Evan Hildreth and Kalen Stanton.




madcrasher Greenville, South Carolina

There is no bio. A bio implies there is, in fact, a story to be told and that this is not, in fact, just some guy messing around on his computer.

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