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from Identity by madcrasher

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I don't like failing.


Crash into an open door
Conflicting lines of thought lay scattered on the floor
As I look around at what my life has become
A paper thin lie covering the real one
What I say doesn't match what I do
Telling lies hoping to convince
Myself that it's true
Responsibilities getting lost in the shuffle
Of a mind overflowing and a spirit that's uncomfortable

Turned around so crazy don't know what I believe
Chasing hard after idols that aren't alive and can't breathe
Thinking I can do every single thing that I say
So why wait for tomorrow? Do what I can today
But look where it got me, look where I'm at now
Came up short and now I'm wondering how
I can finish what I started when I fell down
I can face all the people that I let down

I'm sorry my friends, I messed up
Because I'm not perfect like I said I was
Much as I'd like to think that I'm above it all
We all know the prideful are the ones that fall
I'm human just like all of you
This salvation I claim doesn't fix things overnight
Can't claim to be like somebody I barely even know
And therin lies the problem...

My God, my Savior, how can I come to You
With all this baggage I've been carrying a year or two
What place do I have among the righteous saints
When all I have to offer you is a broken face
You offered me food and you offered me drink
Offered me everything and the kitchen sink
Yet here I am, chained by my own stubbornness
That's there even though I should become less

I tried to be a messenger that people would receive
Tried to be a Christian that people would believe
So the faith that You gave me I pushed far away
To be more like them in some form, shape, and way
I cut myself off from the light of Your grace
And now I can't bring myself to turn towards Your face
Father, please, restore my broken spirit once again
Let me be right with You before I get up again...


from Identity, released January 9, 2009
Written by Evan Hildreth. Produced by Evan Hildreth and Kalen Stanton.




madcrasher Greenville, South Carolina

There is no bio. A bio implies there is, in fact, a story to be told and that this is not, in fact, just some guy messing around on his computer.

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